Our Integrated Internal Audit approach addresses all aspects of a Company’s operations, encompassing Risk and Governance processes, Operational Audits, Compliance reviews, IT Audits and Financial Audits. The Integrated Internal Audit Process ensures

  • Transparency,
  • Fair evaluation,
  • Undisputed conclusions and
  • Consensus on implementation strategy.


The firm has developed a proprietary methodology called Controls Effectiveness Index (CEI©) to evaluate effectiveness of controls across an organisation. This Index offers the following benefits to our clients:

  • Facilitates top management & the Audit Committee to assess governance processes.
  • Track controls/policy compliances on a periodic basis at each location/department.
  • Inter-location/department comparisons on efficiency and effectiveness of controls/policies.
  • Enable managerial performance review based on compliance   with controls and policies.

CEI©is calculated based on:

  • Development of a risk and control register based on the COSO framework
  • Evaluation of the existence and effectiveness of controls across the organisation and
  • Inter and Intra benchmarking processes.

The benefits arising from the Internal Audit are quantified in monetary terms with use of indices such as Confirmed Improvement Value (CIV), Probable Improvement Value (PIV) and Confirmed Loss Value (CLV).